Adisham Bungalow – Take a Step Back Into the Past

If you liked reading Sherlock Holmes with all those mysteries happening in big country homes, you’re gonna fall in love with the Adisham Bungalow in Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka. Lying amongst the misty hills The Adisham Bungalow has a location that makes you feel like you just walked into a Sherlock Holmes murder mystery- high…

Galle Fort – A remnant of a rich colonial heritage.

Galle is a magnificent beach city in the south coast of Sri Lanka. The Galle Fort which is the key attraction of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the biggest tourist attractions of the country. Location The Galle Fort is located in the heart of the city alongside the beach….

Sinharaja Forest – Enter the Realm of the Lion

Natural attractions are in no short supply in Sri Lanka for this tiny island nation has got quite a lot packed in. Visit Sinharaja, a breathtaking rainforest that translates to “The Lion Kingdom” in the local tongue. Where? The rainforest is nestled within the Southern Province about 3 hours away from the commercial capital, Colombo….

A Visit to ancient Château de Fontainebleau – A Forgotten Treasure

Château de Fontainebleau is a medieval masterpiece located in Fontainebleau. The town is famous for its large lush forest surrounding the castle. About For over 8 centuries, Château de Fontainebleau was the only residence that was home to many rulers. The castle was marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Origins The earliest record of…

The Tallest Tower in Lisbon – The Iconic Vasco Da Gama Tower

    Design Anyone can identify upon first glance the similarities the tower possesses to the Burj al Arab. The structure clearly resembles a ship’s sail, and pays tribute to the many ships that journeyed from that location to explore the world and establish the first global empire.   The Views As you would have…