3 secret Indonesian destinations that will amaze even the seasoned traveller – a nature lover’s paradise!

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Despite being a seasoned traveller, there are a few secret islands in Indonesia that you may not have seen. These would amaze you and is a definite must visit if you are planning a South East Asian cruise. Indonesia islands mentioned below are the best of the best and certain cruises such as the Alila Purnama is an ideal choice to go visit them. Its luxury cruise offers a more private setting as the ship has a capacity of up to 10 guests.

Kei Islands| Img by: jufriderwotubun via Pixabay

Kei Islands

Hidden away in the east of Malaku, Kei islands is famous for its untouched, clean beaches. The best of them being the Ngurbloat beach – also known as the long beach, as its white sandy shores stretch about 5km. The water is crystal clear, and the waves are calm, making it the perfect spot to have a relaxed bath.

Tanjung Putin

The Tanjung Putin national park is one of the only places you can see Orangutans in their natural habitat. This park is a 400,000-hectare conservation area. The onsite camp known as camp Leakey serves as a rehabilitation and research centre for the Orangutan foundation and a base for scientists and students.


Serving as a window to ancient tribal civilisation, the Sumba islands still adhere to ancestral beliefs and practices such as head-hunting. Hire a local guide before setting out on an expedition to ensure you know the local rites and traditions. Some of the best waterfalls in Indonesia are also known to be on the Sumba islands.



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