5 Most Beautiful Places in the World – Europe to Asia

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Nature lovers and travellers will never be able to name one particular place that can be deemed as the most beautiful place in the world. But here are a few that have emerged as a favourite amongst a majority of wanderlusters.


Italy is no doubt a beautiful country, but Venice is particular is a city that is incomparable to anything else you’ve seen or visited. The narrow canals and gondolas floating through the shimmering waters really transports you to a different era.


From Athens to Santorini, Greece is a country rich in history and culture. Greece should definitely be on your bucket list, and for those who need help planning, tour agencies such as Aitken Spence Holidays will be able to assist.


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Thailand is packed with plenty to do and plenty to see, from iconic attractions to majestic sacred temples. Thailand is a popular travel destination.

Sri Lanka

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The Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is your paradise on earth. Spend your day lying on the golden beach or hiking up the tallest mountain in the country. If you’re planning a holiday here, you’ll be able to find a travel agency in Sri Lanka who can arrange an island tour.

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