A bit from the history of Guangzhou – Guangzhou now and then

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The city of Guangzhou has always been the centre of trade to Indians, Romans and many other traders from the Middle East. The initial establishment of this city dates to the era of the Qin dynasty and here is some information of the history, in case you were looking for some.

Guangzhou Museum
Guangzhou Museum | Image Credit : Huangdan2060, Guangzhou Museum 69, CC BY 3.0

The first foreign nations to arrive at Guangzhou

It was the Portuguese who first came to Guangzhou in order to buy silk and porcelain back in 1557. Then, the British also obtained a foothold into this land. Guangzhou then became centres of operation to each of these nations.

Canton and Guangzhou

Guangzhou was previously known as Canton. If you are a traveller seeking information about the Cantonese culture and traditions, we recommend you visit the Guangzhou museum just 5km away from Springdale Serviced Residence Guangzhou. This will be a useful tip when you are looking for options for Guangzhou accommodation.

Opium entry

It was the British to introduce opium to Guangzhou first. By the 19th century, the Chinese were almost addicted to the opium habit and the British took advantage of this scene to the fullest. In 1839 it was ordered to eradicate opium trade, and this ended up in a war, won by British again.

Guangzhou today

Guangzhou today is a relatively wealthy part of China when compared to the rest of the cities. It is also known as an economic powerhouse in Southern China even now.

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