A Brief History of Qatar – A Look Back in Time

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The history of Qatar is a truly fascinating one offering insights into a country that has a rich history and heritage. This history is very much interlinked with local culture and has helped shape Qatar’s identity.

Location of Qatar
OCHA, Qatar – Location Map (2013) – QAT – UNOCHACC BY 3.0

Palaeolithic Age

Qatar’s history dates as far back as the Stone Age; evidence of occupation by humans is believed to be traceable 50,000 years ago and tools and encampments have been found to support this.

Neolithic Period

This is the period where the first settlements date back to with the first civilization being that of Mesopotamia. Potsherds have also been found in encampments by the coast of Qatar that date back to the Ubaid period.

The Age of Empires

Several empires also ruled over the region including the Sasanians, the Parthians and the Seleucid. A major moment in the history of Qatar took place in 628 AD when Islam was introduced. By the 8th century, it also became a popular pearl trading centre.

A British Protectorate

Qatar became a British protectorate in 1916 and a treaty was signed between Abdullah Al Thani and the British. The terms of the treaty were expanded in 1934, while in 1940, oil of high quality was discovered in Dukhan.

Independence & Development

The rise in oil revenues in the 1950s and 1960s saw the country developing rapidly and on 3 September 1971, Qatar became an independent state. Today, it features a mix of tradition and modernity; with the growth of tourism it has also seen the establishment of key Doha hotels and resorts the likes of Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara.

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