A Colourful Guide to Indonesia – A Complex Prism Islands

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Popular for its capital and Bali, Indonesia is a nation that is yet to be explored. Here’s a guide through the lesser known for those searching a mini adventure through the islands.

Much more than just Bali

Start off your journey in the land of over 14, 000 islands from the centre of Java in Surakarta and find your way through the backstory of Indonesia. Get through the to the Komodo islands and get to see the hidden wildlife and do not miss out on the indigenous Komodo Dragons. Or else make your way to Gili, the love islands and swing over the rustling waves with your loved ones.

File:New Komodo JF3.jpg
Wolves201New Komodo JF3CC BY-SA 4.0

Food and Culture

If it isn’t fried, it’s grilled and then there are the raw vegan diets! Food in Indonesia encompasses that of the many indigenous cultures and religious backgrounds that is home to the country. Predominantly Islamic, you could even experience the influence of Arabia in the cuisines that will be served up.

File:Bali cuisine.jpg
Everett Harper from San Francisco, USA, Bali cuisineCC BY-SA 2.0

Places to stay

If you are hoping to stay in one of the many hotels in Solo or Surakarta (as it was previously known) why not check out the urban retreat of Alila Solo? Most locals and travellers take a ferry when going from one island to another or take the local Garuda Airlines.

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Image Credit: Alila Solo

Time to travel

The Best time to travel is May through till September due to the subtropical weather patterns bringing in torrential rains the rest of the year.

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