A Day Out at Eagle Street Pier – Foodie Adventures Await!

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Located in the popular waterfront precinct, Eagle Street Pier is a famed dining hotspot in Brisbane; it is a must visit for any foodie or those just looking for a laid-back spot to enjoy a yummy meal or that quick pick-me-up.

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Lunch and caffeine fixes

If you are looking for lunch options or even that much needed caffeine fix, Eagle Street Pier has much to offer. It goes without saying that The Coffee Club is perfect for everything from a macchiato to a mocha, while Stellarossa is a great place for coffee and meals too. If you are a burger aficionado staying at a nearby Brisbane CBD hotel then make sure to visit Grill’d as well.

Complete dining

If you are looking for the complete dining experience including dinner, then definitely try such venues as Saké Restaurant & Bar which specialises in Japanese cuisine and the award winning Il Centro Restaurant & Bar which offers delectable Italian dishes. Within 5 minutes from Oaks Aurora Tower, Georges Paragon Seafood Restaurant is the place to so for the finest in seafood.


There’s nothing like having your favourite wine or cocktail by the riverside which is what you can do at the Eagle Street Pier. Mr & Mrs G Riverbar, Cha Cha Char Wine Bar & Grill and Pony Dining are amongst the other places you can try which offer dining options too.

A floating restaurant!

Of course for something truly unique you could go aboard a traditional Kookaburra Queen paddlewheeler and enjoy a meal and a cruise! Kookaburra Showboat Cruises offers everything from lunch and dinner to high tea amidst wonderful city views.

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