A Foodies Guide to Chanthaburi – Food with creative twists

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Chantaburi’s diverse mix of cultures has laid a significant mark on its food scene drawing tourists from all over the world who has a passion for Asian Food. Here is a foodies guide to Chanthaburi.


Local Food

Where better to begin your culinary trip in Chanthaburi than with the local food scene? First up would be to spend some time sampling the very best of Chanthaburi at Chantorn Restaurant in Benjamarachutis Road. When it comes to fine dining in Chanthaburi savouring a delicious dish of pad sen chan buu which is a form of crab noodles would be more than welcome at any time of the day.

Seafood dishes

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Seafood lovers stopping by the coastal towns of Chao Lao and Laem Singh will find their mouthwatering the minute they arrive here. Since these locales are infested with plenty of seafood eateries and restaurants, making an inquiry from the local people will be a step in the right direction.

International cuisine

If you want a lively atmosphere and good food to go with, then head to Craze House which features everything from live music gigs and an appetizing menu. Those residing at a hotel in Chanthaburi the likes of Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao can savour the very best of Asian delicacies and international dishes from its own range of restaurants.

Local Markets

Nam Phu serves up delectable dishes, which range from its highlight – a noodle soup which is both aromatic and tasty and costs a mere 35 Baht. A good time to visit this market is during the night as you can leisurely stroll through. Chathuchak with its numerous cloth stalls and street food outlets must definitely be visited should you want to both mix & mingle with locals.

Chanthaburi in Thailand offers something special for everyone and food lovers the world over are known to commune in their numbers to try out the array of cuisine on offer in this part of Asia.

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