A Girl’s Guide to Shop in Seminyak – For that Perfect Shopping Spree!

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If you are a shopping fanatic and enjoy spontaneous shopping sprees even while on vacation, then we have some very helpful tips and guides that will be of good use to you.

Choose your hotel location

Choosing a good Seminayak beach resort that is close by to all the fashionable shopping malls is very important so that you can always drop off your bags whenever your hands get too full. Certain hotels such as Alila Seminyak is in an area that is also close by to all the best shopping malls in the area.

Seminyak| Img by: antwerpenR via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0

What’s your shopping budget?

Keep in mind the budget you have to shop. Some stores are exclusively for tourists and the prices could be slightly on the higher side, where as others are not as steep on your pockets. Having in mind your budget for the spree would be the ideal choice before you go out to explore the shopping areas, just so you don’t end up overspending.

Decide what kind of items you need

Whether it be swimsuit cover ups, bikinis, shoes or bags. Seminyak in Bali has it all. You just have to look out for the shops that would most suit your needs. Some of the shops that we recommend, and you must try out are: Lost in Paradise (for summer clothing), Mimpi Manis (for shoes and sandals), Uma & Leopold (for 100% organic fabric clothing), Thaikili Bikinis (for exotic bikinis) are just to name a few.



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