A guide to the best seasons to visit Kunming – pleasant weather awaits!

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Kunming is the capital of the Yunnan Province with its origins dating back over 2400 years. Kunming is also known as the Spring City as its climate does not fluctuate drastically, enabling all visitors to enjoy a pleasant stay.

Highway In Yunnan, Kunming| Img by: pl9292  via Pixabay

When to Visit

Kunming is known for having a mild climate in comparison to the rest of China with crisp winters that don’t last long before summer comes by with a charming warmth that is still not as overbearing as the lowlands.

Temperatures rarely exceed 30°C in summer which makes for a relatively cool season although the occasional snowfall does occur in certain winters. This results in the city having thick foliage and flowering plants all year round.

The Best Season

Spring runs from March through May and the climate remains warm and dry. The city streets are at their most beautiful when the peach trees begin to flower, and cherry blossoms can be seen as well. Autumn is also ideal for visits as it is not too warm, nor cold. The skies remain dry and the air is fresh to breathe in.

How to Dress

In Autumn, it is best to take a sweater or coat wherever you go as it’s best to be prepared for any rain. A thin outfit would be best for Spring as you can feel the temperature more on your skin. If you’re looking for a green lake hotel Kunming, there are several like Grand Park Kunming to pick from.




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