A Guide to Travelling in Vietnam – An astounding nation!


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There is a lot to love and experience in Vietnam! The nation stretches across towering mountains, endless rice paddies, soaring limestone cliffs. Read on to know about 4 important things you should know when travelling in Vietnam.



Vietnam features a verity of transportation modes. One could travel in buses, taxis, trains, and flights to travel between destinations. Buses and trains are the cheapest modes of transportation here while you could also travel by taxies which are the most expensive mode of regular transportation.

Staying connected

It is very easy to get lost in Vietnam. In order to avoid this, having a GPS enabled smartphone at your possession would be very much useful. You could buy sim cards very easily. Many of the popular restaurants and accommodation options offer free Wi-Fi.

Getting here

You can visit Vietnam from any part of the globe since you could get the visa very easily. But it is recommended that you should plan your visit to Vietnam through an agent. Aitken Spence Holidays who is a Travel Agent in Sri Lanka is an ideal option to go to; if you are planning your visit Vietnam.

Things to remember

Traffic in populated cities the likes of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh can be hectic, streets will be filled with motorbikes so if you are planning to get one for yourself or travel in one of them, always wear a helmet and be aware of the exhaust pipes as other motorbikes tend to drive close by. Though violent crimes are very rare here, pickpocketing does happen very often so keep your belongings and wallets safe and be vigilant at all times.

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