A travel guide to Maldives – a luxury island vacation!

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Surrounded by white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters, the Maldives is the ideal destination for your next romantic or family getaway.

Image Credit - Grand Park Kodhipparu
Image Credit – Grand Park Kodhipparu


The island’s culture has been influenced by neighboring countries such as India, Thailand and even has some traits of the middle-east. However, Maldives has a very vibrant local culture on its own. The capital being Male, is surrounded with many pastel /bright buildings and small local restaurants.

Things to do

The Maldives has been known worldwide for its deep-sea diving, snorkeling and scuba diving. You could also explore the island’s coral reefs or charter a boat and go on a fishing trip. The Maldives waves are also great for those wanting to go surfing.

Where to stay

Maldives has plenty of luxury resorts and hotels along its beaches, but if you want to experience the complete beauty of Maldives, water villas should be your go-to option. Perched atop of clear waters, luxury resorts such as the Grand Park Kodhipparu offer limitless views of the sky and sea. Perfect for your romantic honeymoon or couple getaway.


Maldivian food is a spicy combination of Indian, Arabic and Sri Lankan flavours put together. Mostly consisting of fish and seafood, Maldivian cuisine is beyond delicious. An iconic dish known as hedhika that comes in different varieties such as deep-fried fish cakes and pastries is a must try when you are visiting the island.

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