A Traveller’s Handbook to Hoi An – A Charming and Entrancing Town

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Many tourists visit the town of Hoi An because of its charming and appealing nature. You will find plenty to see and do in this town that will capture the imagination of the visitor.

Cultural Attractions

If you enjoy cultural attractions and sightseeing you will be in your element at Hoi An as you will find a host of interesting sights that will appeal to the discerning visitor. In Hoi An you will encounter an array of pagodas, temples and old edifices that will strike the interest of the culture lover.

File:Hoi An Ancient Town temples in 2015 01.jpg
Vuong Tri BinhHoi An Ancient Town temples in 2015 01CC BY-SA 4.0


When it comes to accommodation, there is an array of options; you will be able to choose from exclusive high-end hotels in Hoi An including the likes of Anantara Hoi An Resort to economical motels and everything in between.


Hoi An offers a number of shopping opportunities for the visitor; if you desire to purchase a souvenir of your stay you will find some interesting options. More appealing are the city’s tailors, which offer the visitor with the chance to obtain made-to-measure clothing.

File:Painting shop in Hoi An.jpg
Fa2fPainting shop in Hoi AnCC BY 3.0


Visitors will find an enticing selection of restaurants and eateries in Hoi An where they will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious local foods. You will also encounter a host of street food stalls that offer alluring treats for the curious visitor.

File:Chè xí má ở Hội An - Xi ma in Hoi An, Vietname.jpg
Greg WillisChè xí má ở Hội An – Xi ma in Hoi An, VietnameCC BY-SA 2.0

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