A Trip to Sunway Lagoon – The best way to have fun in Malaysia

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Theme parks are one of the best parts of every vacation! Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia was opened back in 1993, since then, the park has been quite a hit because of its 80 fun rides all inside a compound of 88 acres. Sunway Lagoon is a place you cannot miss on your holiday in Malaysia.

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia| Img by: Katangais via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 3.0

Amusement park

This is quite an interesting part of the theme park, and if you are looking for an adrenaline rush, this is the perfect place to be! Rides like the Pirate’s Revenge are thrilling to the bone with its 360º turns! For those who are not quite into the hardcore rides, there are activities like Butch Cassidy trail, Canyon River Rapids, and Vultures which are no less fun! Oh, and how about a bird’s eye view of the entire theme park? Yes, it is possible with a nice walk on the longest suspension bridge in the world!

Scream Park

No, it’s not just something out of a movie! The scare is real here at the scream park in Sunway Lagoon. Enter the Aldridge Mansion inspired by Ghost Busters, the voracious zombies from the Zombie Apocalypse and the horror of Freddy Kruger. Are you brave enough to try all these rides?


This what everyone runs to in the end! The water park is filled with more thrilling rides like the African Python, the Congo Challenge, and the Cameroon Climb. But the best of all is the Vuvuzela which is the world’s highest water ride with many twists and turn as you slide down. You will also find the Surf Beach and the Wave Pool which are quite popular too.

Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon

Opened in 2016, this is Asia’s very first Nickelodeon-themed park! There are many exciting rides like the SpongeBob Splash Adventure. The water rides are loads of fun too! And for the most exciting part of all, if you’ve got guts head out to the Monsoon 360 and try the vertical freefall! So, if you happen to be in a 5-star hotel in KL the likes of Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Sunway Lagoon is just 15 minutes away!



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