A Visit to the Jal Mahal – The Water Palace

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Jaipur is a beautiful place in itself and a visit to the Jal Mahal is a definite must if you want to see the true beauty of the city. Below are some details about the place if you are interested in going there.

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You will be welcomed by a calming scene when you visit this place. With its brownstone walls surrounded by deep blue waters, the Jal Mahal is a sight to look at. Built for the King to be used as a shooting lodge, this palace is a wonderful place to do some bird watching too.


Within easy access from many a 5 star hotel in Jaipur the likes of Alila Fort Bishangarh, the Jal Mahal is a must visit if you have the love for all things historic and of architectural importance.

Cost to go

If you take a three-wheeler from Jaipur city and want to go to Jal Mahal you’d probably end up paying about 100rs or less.


You can also find tours that are given by the rickshaw-walas in Jaipur and if you opt for these tours, you will be taken to the Jal Mahal, the Amer Fort and the monkey temple which are all in the same part of Jaipur.

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