A Weekend in Habarana – Spending 48 hours in Sri Lanka’s Vast Outdoors

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Nestled among the lowlands surrounded by masses of water which was once built by the ancient kings you can find Habarana, home to the gentle giants of Sri Lanka.

Roam among the Gentle Giants

The Minneriya wildlife reserve is home to the Elephants which roam these low lands due to the large mass of water which is crucial since this area borders the Northern dry zone of Sri Lanka. The mammals are distinct to the region and are different from those that are usually seen in the continent of Africa.

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Climb an ancient fortress

Once a fortress to a king in hiding, these massive rocks are much more than their structure. Two hundred meters off the ground climb the ancient rock of Sigiriya hosts natural spring pools at the summit, hidden ancient frescos on the interiors. Habarana Village by Cinnamon is an ideal Sigiriya hotel to stay for your family which is 23 km drive and under 30 mins away from the fortress and adjoining Pidurangala.

Visit the rock Cave temple

The Dambulla rock cave temple, also known as the golden temple of Sri Lanka is a world heritage site and that is just located south of Habarana.

Get a 360° view of the lowlands

For those of you who would like a less crowded hike, why not climb Pidurangala? Climbing Pidurangala is much cheaper than Sigiriya and the 360° views from the top are the most picturesque with the diverse topography surrounding you.

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