Abu Dhabi’s Oldest Building – A Historic Icon!

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Also known as the white Fort, Qasr al Hosn is one of the oldest stone buildings located in the capital of UAE and a treasured site in Abu Dhabi. Read on to know more about this historical site.

File:Abu Dhabi City vom Fort Qasr Al Hosn.JPG
Bernardo Löwenstein, Abu Dhabi City vom Fort Qasr Al HosnCC BY-SA 3.0


The white fort or the Qasr al Hosn is a fort built that was constructed in 1761 as a single conical shaped watchtower to defend the only well built in the Abu Dhabi Island. The single tower was then expanded into a small fort by 1793. Later in it was further expanded and was made a palace in 1966.

File:First Tower, Qasr al-Hosn, Abu Dhabi.jpg
The original uploader was [email protected] at English Wikipedia., First Tower, Qasr al-Hosn, Abu DhabiCC BY-SA 2.5


The Qasr al-Hosn is currently a part of an extensive archaeological, historical, and architectural research and it is undergoing a major restoration and it is about to be completed soon. Even though most of the parts of the site are under construction there is an Exhibition/museum inside the premise that is open to public and entry is free.

The Qasr Al Hosn Festival

The Qasr Al Hosn Festival is an annual event that extends up to 11 days. It is a cultural and recreational celebration held on the grounds of the Al Hosn Palace as it is one of the most significant heritage monuments in where the royal family resided.

Visiting here and accommodation facilities

Being a famous monument in Abu Dhabi, you can get here easily by a taxi or by public transport. Be mindful of the traffic time though. There are many accommodation options around the Qasr al Hosn building complex but if you wish for a different vacation experience while still being able to visit this monument and other attractions in Abu Dhabi, Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara which is an Abu Dhabi desert resort can also be a good place to plan your stay.

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