Accommodation Guide in South East Asia – A short guide to select the best option!

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Depending on the type of experience you’re looking for this holiday, the type of accommodation you need to book also differs. Here are a few types of accommodation to give you a better idea.

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Luxury resorts

Southeast Asia is a hub for all luxury resorts and beautiful hotels! There are hotels in almost every main city, some resorts even have their very own private islands. Look out for several international hotel chains, as they each have their own distinct accommodation style and architecture. If you’re looking for a truly uncommon experience, then go for something unique. Look up properties from Dorsett Hotels & Resorts for a good time!

Boutique Hotels

You’re bound to come across several boutique hotels when in Southeast Asia, in nearly any town. A boutique hotel is a small hotel with less than 100 rooms. However, finding a boutique hotel with a certain level of uniqueness can be a challenge, but after a little bit of digging, you’ll be able to find the hotel of your dreams!

Hotels under $150

These type of accommodation are easy to find, and you have the opportunity of booking beautiful rooms for less than $30 USD a night. Book ahead of time if you want to get a great deal, however, you can even find a room without much prior planning.

Vacation rentals

If your vacation in Southeast Asia plans to stretch more than a few weeks, then a vacation rental may be the best option. Rentals are private, comfortable and you save money in the long run.

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