Alexandra neighbourhood guide – A cosy and quiet escape

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Located in the town of Bukit Merah, Singapore, Alexandra is home to many and brings a sense of peace to everyone that visits this tiny and cosy neighbourhood. The charming neighbourhood has a lot to offer, if you look in all the right places!

A stroll through old school furniture shops

For many Singaporeans, walking through these furniture shops invoke a sense of nostalgia, as wooden traditional furniture shops are now very seldom found in Singapore!

The best Laksa

Laksa in Singapore | Image Credit - Satdeep Gill, CC BY-SA 4.0 Via Wikimedia Commons
Laksa in Singapore | Image Credit – Satdeep Gill, CC BY-SA 4.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

The hotels near Mapletree business city Singapore are usually only a few minutes away from Alexandra, so reaching this neighbourhood to taste the best Laksa isn’t going to be tough. A well-known fact is that three of Singapore’s best Laksa are all found in Alexandra!

Plenty of fresh air

For some fresh air, you can enjoy the greenery in this city. While walking around, you’ll come across Park Hotel Alexandra which is a charming place to spend your time in as it boasts a cosy coffee place, a bar and an infinity pool.


Dropping into IKEA is a lot of people’s idea of fun! Randomly strolling through IKEA is therapeutic and you can have a taste of Swedish meatballs right before you leave!

Alexandra Village Food Centre

Operating 24 hours, you get all sorts of popular dishes here, such as BBQ seafood, clay pot Laksa, Avacado milkshake, etc. There’s plenty to love here!

Traditional Confectionary shops

While there’s an abundance of bakeries, the number of confectionaries has been declining. Explore Alexandra and you’ll manage to find a few old school confectionary stores selling home made goodness.

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