All about travelling to Sri Lanka – Explore the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”!


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The tropical climate, pristine beaches, stunning attractions around the country, flavourful food and welcoming people tempt tourists from all over the world to visit Sri Lanka.


The stunning southern coast

When in Sri Lanka, an essential experience is to spend time at a tranquil, beautiful beach. The beautiful southern coast attracts a plethora of tourists for exciting water sports activities like diving, surfing, and snorkelling. Weligama, Mirissa, and Unawatuna are some of the most visited southern coastal cities. You will find plenty of accommodation options including Mandara Hotels & Resorts which has some of the finest hotels in down south Sri Lanka.

The best time to visit

Although Sri Lanka is a tropical country with fine weather conditions, the country is affected by two separate monsoons. From April to September, the west and the south-west coasts are affected by rain while East coast has rainfall from November to March. Therefore, December to March is the best period of the year to travel around Sri Lanka.

The hill country

The cool climate, beautiful waterfalls and spectacular views of the hill country are adored by many a tourist who visits Sri Lanka. Adam’s Peak which is well-known for the sacred footprint of Buddha is a popular pilgrimage site among locals and tourists. You should not miss visiting Ella through picturesque tea plantations!

Wildlife safaris

If you are in Sri Lanka, you should definitely go on a wildlife safari to discover different species of animals in their natural habitats. Yala and Wipattu National Parks are some of the popular wildlife sanctuaries in Sri Lanka.

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