All About Wadduwa – A gem on Sri Lanka’s Southwest coast

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When in Sri Lanka, an essential experience is to spend some time in the beach paradise of Wadduwa. You will have many exciting activities to chill-out your holiday.

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The temples in Wadduwa and the surrounding regions is perhaps one of the town’s most significant cultural attractions. Emulated by the many shrines dotting the region, Wadduwa has its own share of exotic places of worship, the highlight of which is the picturesque Wadduwa Temple. The most important attraction will be to get the grip of your most famed location at hand.

Fishing village

Being a coastal town in Sri Lanka, Wadduwa like many other regions is considered to be yet another fishing village in the island. With fishermen dotting the coastline every now and then, Wadduwa happens to be an excellent location to witness the enigmatic life of the local fishermen bringing in their livelihood.

The beaches

Wadduwa flaunts some of the most stunning sun-kissed shorelines that are perfect for a plethora of beach-based activities. Some of the luxury hotels in Sri Lanka are found on the city’s coast making all things water based far more convenient. Blue Water Club Suites is a classic example of an exquisite coastal hotel. Offering a variety of facilities for guests here you can learn to experience the water in a fun and exciting manner.

Coconut Fibre Products

Wadduwa is one of those regions in Sri Lanka that makes good use of its surroundings and evidence of this can be seen in the town’s array of coconut fiber products. Coir carpets, mattress or baskets; here you can get a range of freshly created products to purchase.

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