All You Need to Know About Sirinat National Park – Located on Both Land and Sea


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There are many natural wonders in Thailand, from blissful beaches to island landscapes that have inspired settings in legendary science-fiction stories. The Sirinat National Park is one such locale.

Nai Yang Beach, Phuket (4448621322).jpg
Andy Mitchell from Glasgow, UK, Nai Yang Beach, Phuket (4448621322)CC BY-SA 2.0

A Governor’s Discovery

During the early 1980s, the governor of Phuket was scouting the area in search of natural sites that were worthy of preservation. Upon following a lead by the Royal Forest Department, he came to a fairly secluded locale with two beautiful coral reefs.

National Park Status

Although the forests in the park weren’t particularly noteworthy, what enabled this area to gain national park status are the pristine coral reefs and the fact that the beaches are a nesting site for endangered sea turtles.

Mangrove Forests

These kinds of forests always harbour a bounty of life and are pretty much always protected due to their importance. The mangrove forests cover about 1km2 of Sirinat Park. There’s an astonishing array of birdlife to be found here, which makes it an essential experience if you’re staying at a nearby Phuket resort along the likes of Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas.

The Reefs

The famous coral reefs of the national park are situated just 700 to 1000m away from the shore, and just about 7m underwater, making them easily accessible.

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