Amazing Attractions in the Wat Phraya Krai area – The beauty and splendour of the Grand Palace


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A trip to Bangkok affords plenty of opportunities to indulge in the many and colourful attractions. If you are a first-time traveller to Bangkok, consider visiting the Grand Palace to view its resplendent glory.

Emerald Buddha | Image Credit: <a href="">JPSwimmer</a>, <a href=",_August_2012,_Bangkok.jpg">Emerald Buddha, August 2012, Bangkok</a>, <a href="" rel="license">CC BY-SA 3.0</a>
Emerald Buddha | Image Credit: JPSwimmer, Emerald Buddha, August 2012, Bangkok, CC BY-SA 3.0


This temple complex is one of the most popular landmarks in Bangkok. Located along the banks of the ‘River of Kings’ the premises is divided into three major areas namely the inner court, central court and the outer court. The palace was once functioned as the government’s official seat and currently, it provides a welcome break away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You will get a wonderful chance to admire and capture its astonishing architectural elements that date back centuries.


Once visited this sacred place, you’ll also be able to visit some of the spectacular buildings and historical attractions around this magnificent complex. For those of you staying at a Bangkok city hotel, the likes of Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok, a trip to the Grand Palace can be easily scheduled as the property is only 23 minutes away.

The layout

The design of this palace has made many a tourist spellbound for its amazing architectural elements. It further indicates the excellent creativity and craftsmanship of the Thai people. The outer court of the palace features the majestic temple of the Emerald Buddha while the inner court represents the place where the King’s royal consorts used to live.

Attractions around!

The area around the palace offers a myriad of attractions. If you are in search of cultural, historical and gastronomical specificities, Bangkok’s old town of Rattanakosin Island is the perfect place to be at. Moreover, you’ll come across numerous temples, museums, and alleys to wander aimlessly in the city.

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