Amazing things to do and see in Batticaloa – A town of coastal bliss!

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Known by the locals as the city of singing fish, Batticaloa is a town that is home to a myriad of attractions. Read on to know about some of the exciting things you could do when you visit Batticaloa.

Visiting the beaches

Batticaloa | Image Credit - Anton Croos, CC BY-SA 4.0 Via Wikimedia Commons
Batticaloa | Image Credit – Anton Croos, CC BY-SA 4.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

Located close to a lagoon, the city of Batticaloa is home to two of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka. They are namely, Kalcuda and Pasikuda. Both of the beaches feature clear and shallow waters which are ideal for swimming, snorkelling and surfing. The resorts located close to the beaches also offer surf and snorkelling gears for rent which you can hire for a cheap rate.

A tour through the town by foot or by cycle

A town filled with numerous places to explore; Batticaloa is an idyllic town to go for a walk or to go cycling. Whether you are planning to go alone or together with your friends, you are certainly in for a treat.

Visiting the historically significant places

Batticaloa town is also home to a number of attractions that are of great historical significance. Some of the historic places located close to the city and a worth visiting are the old Dutch Fort, the Batticaloa lighthouse and temples such as the Mamanga pillayar temple and Sri Mangalarama Rajamaha Viharaya.


Puliyanthivu and Koddamunai are large shopping areas in Batticaloa, here you can find locally produces handloom and handicrafts. The Batticaloa market which is located at the heart of the town is also another place where you can find souvenirs and handicrafts that are made from Palmyra and coconut husks.

Enjoy absolute relaxation at a resort

The quiet and serene coastal town is an idyllic place to unwind and relax as you can find a number of excellent accommodation options in Batticaloa. Hotels and resorts, the likes of Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa which features a tranquil ambience and comfortable rooms is an option worth considering for your stay.

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