Attractions in Shanghai – Discover this wondrous city

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China’s largest city, Shanghai as we know it is a vast region with much to see and do. Though the outside of the city might be a typical urban façade, culture runs deep here. Here are a few attractions that deserve your time when on holiday in Shanghai.

Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple
Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple | Image Credit : Stefan Fussan creator QS:P170,Q17227845, Shanghai – Jade Buddha Temple – 0002, CC BY-SA 3.0

The promenade

Also known as The Bund, Zhongshan Lu is quite popular among tourists who visit the city. What’s amazing about it is that while walking here one might come to realize that it actually gives a European feel. This site along the Huangpujiang River was once the International Settlement of the city. This is evident with the old English and French buildings that have now been converted to boutiques and eateries.

The Garden of happiness

Locally known as the Yu Garden, spreads out over an area of 20000sqm and is the only preserved garden of the famed landscapist, Zhang Nanyang. The park has been maintained since 1559 with a few additions having been made in the 18th century. The main hall is well-loved for its ornamental roof, dragon walls and many other unique features.

The Temple of the Jade Buddha

This mesmerising monument is situated in the Anyuan Lu district of Shanghai. The original temple was built in 1882 and then replaced in 1928. The Hall of the Kings of Heaven is certainly awe-inspiring with 4 figures of the heavenly kings and 2 Shakyamuni.

The Shanghai Museum

Now, the building itself is a piece of fine art. Within this masterpiece are more works of art that are unique, traditional Chinese art. It is definitely the place to be if you are passionate about art and culture. Serviced apartments in Shanghai the likes of Ascott Huai Hai Road Shanghai are located close by.

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