Temples in Cambodia – Paying Homage to Some of Asia’s Most Revered Temples

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Temples in Cambodia | Photo Credit : Anantara Angkor Resort via Facebook

The capital city of Siem Reap Province is the bustling city of Siem Reap. Known to many as a popular resort town, Siem Reap portrays Chinese architecture in many of its buildings. Among its sites of interest include many museums, handicrafts shops, a Cambodian cultural village and plenty of paddy fields. The city has today become a haven for travellers around the world. Those who would like to settle for a luxury hotel Siem Reap has to offer can choose an accommodation option such as Anantara Angkor Resort which is within close proximity to many of its temples. While there are countless temples in Siem Reap there are a few that stand out from the rest. The Angkor complex lies in the city limits and is one that was established during the Khmer era.

Starting off, the Bayon Temple stands in the centre of the gigantic Angkor Thom complex which was constructed in 1190 AD. The temple stands outs out for its 216 smiling faces carved in stone. The faces can be intriguing to some and even quite disturbing to many others. There are day-to-day scenes of the Khmer people depicted in the carvings of the temple.

Comparatively smaller in size, the Banteay Srei which translates to ‘The Citadel of a Woman’ was built using red bricks and is intricately detailed. The temple is believed to have been established in the 10th century and is best viewed at sunset when the sun rays reflect upon its red-bricked walls. Located about 30 km from Siem Reap, travellers may have to opt for a taxi which comes at an extra cost but is deemed fully worth it.

One of the oldest temples in the area is the Phnom Bakheng. Although it’s not the most attractive temple it certainly is has centuries of history to its name. Its architecture which takes after the appearance of a mountain is representative of Mount Peru considered the home of Hindu gods.

Last but certainly not least, the Angkor Wat Temple. The temple is considered a depiction of the Khmer dynasty in its prime with classical Khmer architecture showcased in its design. Back in the early 1100’s the site was also considered the largest in the world with a moat around it.

Auburn Silver is a travel writer who has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.


Fat Biking on Sand Dunes in Abu Dhabi – Conquering the Dunes of Abu Dhabi!

Well there are no big trees as far as your eyes can see in the desert, but there surely is enough space to ride a bike. Rugged terrains are no longer out of limits for cycling enthusiasts thanks to fat biking! Fat-bike bikes have tyres which are around three to five inches in width making it suitable for cycling on sand. Fat biking has in fact become a sensation among most adventure-loving travellers with many of them visiting Abu Dhabi to experience it first-hand. A top-favourite among Abu Dhabi excursions, the sport is one that can be enjoyed by anyone over 14 years of age.

The best place to embark on fat biking is in the Empty Quarter, situated on the dunes of Qasr Al Sarab. The Empty Quarter is incidentally the largest uninterrupted sand mass in the world giving cyclists the opportunity to cycle through enormous sand dunes and stunning landscapes. Cycling enthusiasts who are interested may head over to Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, which is the first in the region to offer fat biking as an outdoor activity allowing guests to choose from a fleet of 10 bikes. Sessions usually take up to about one and a half to two hours and are usually accompanied by a trained guide. On tour, cycling enthusiasts can discover animal tracks and may even come across rare sightings of indigenous flora and fauna. The tours come at a slightly affordable price and of course are ideal for those looking for some intense exercise.

As fat biking can be physically demanding it’s extremely important that participants are well nourished and hydrated before they take the tour. The ideal time to embark on a fat biking tour is right after breakfast and before noon when fitness levels are at its highest. Enthusiasts are also advised to keep an eye out for sand gazelles, lizards and desert mice. The first few metres of the tour will be quite a challenge especially for those who are not familiar with the hills and slopes. Though physically challenging, fat biking tours offer much fun and are a more ‘healthier’ way to discover the Arabian sand dunes.

Auburn Silver is a travel writer who has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.


Madu River mangroves

Located on Sri Lanka’s southern coastal belt is Madu Ganga or Madu River, home to many species of animals and birds from as many as sixty four islands in Balapitiya town. Many hotel offers Sri Lanka has involve excursions and and excursion down to the mangroves means there’s a lot to see when you visit this beautiful place- cinnamon island, snake island and joining of the sea to name a few. Just eleven miles from Hikka Tranz by Cinammon, it is the mangroves that travellers often say make the entire trip all more enjoyable and completely worth it. A boat ride through the mangroves on the river will reveal to you the huge mangrove forest lining the banks of the river which is hiding many gorgeous creatures and bursting with incredible foliage and plant life. You will see many animals and birds here in their natural habitat which would be a rather educational and fascinating experience for the curious traveler wishing to know how these species thrive in the aquatic conditions of their natural environment. It really is something out of an island tale of marooned travellers and the ambience is just right to feed your thirst for adventure and the great outdoors.

Some may ask if crocodiles can be spotted along the river banks and suck. In case you were already expecting it or were even apprehensive about it, your hope or fears will have come true for that is a resounding yes. Crocodiles do roam the waters of this magnificent river and you may even be able to hold a baby crocodiles in your arms if you get the chance! Do well to remember however that exploiting these wild creatures for commercial purposes is something that not to be encouraged. Simply spotting a crocodile or a quick glance before it disappears back into the water can be a very thrilling experience altogether so there really is little need to get up-close-and-personal with them. Should you go on a boat ride, you will be skimming through waters that span nine hundred hectares of which sixty one makes up mangroves. The boats usually go underneath the shade of tunnel made out of mangrove which is sure to be a magical. 


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