Eco Tourism in Abu Dhabi – The Golden Sands are Turning Green

Abu Dhabi has always been a more environmentally conscious Emirate. In addition to the development of Sir Bani Yas Island, the capital of the UAE has been occupied with many green initiatives. Metropolitan Green After Sheikh Khalifa took control of Abu Dhabi, many parks and gardens have appeared throughout the metropolitan expanse of Abu Dhabi….

All You Need to Know About Sirinat National Park – Located on Both Land and Sea

There are many natural wonders in Thailand, from blissful beaches to island landscapes that have inspired settings in legendary science-fiction stories. The Sirinat National Park is one such locale. A Governor’s Discovery During the early 1980s, the governor of Phuket was scouting the area in search of natural sites that were worthy of preservation. Upon…

The Singapore River and the Quays

The Singapore River was the life blood of the one state country it was the majour component that fueled the country’s economy and made Singapore the proud nation which stands tall in all its glory. The river The 3.2 Kilomtrelong River was the life line of the country for over a period of 150 years….