The Ground Zero Memorial, Bali – A Tribute to the Fallen

Known as a party haven, where people from all over the globe gather, the resort town of Kuta was targeted by extremists who detonated several bombs, in and around crowded nightclubs in 2002. Bali’s Ground Zero Memorial, is a beautiful stone monument that is dedicated to the 202 men and women, who lost their lives in the tragic 2002 Bali bombing. After the incident, tourists to the island were wary of Kuta and instead, opted to stay at a Bali resort hotel in the nearby town of Seminyak, such as the Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort, for instance. Not only is Seminyak home to some of Bali’s best beaches and boutique stores, it’s also considered safer and less crowded than Kuta.

Kuta has since recovered from the shock of the attack and transformed itself back into a tourist haven. However, a visit to Kuta wouldn’t be complete without a glimpse of the memorial. The monument was erected at the site of the first bombing location, where the original Paddy’s Pub was. The second bombing took place opposite the road, at the Sari Club – the club has been rebuilt at another location and the site is now used as a car park.

The memorial site is encircled by a small garden, and the intricately carved monument holds a marble plaque which lists out all the names and nationalities of the victims. The ground zero memorial was completed in 2004, and included a Hindu blessing ceremony, which gave grieving loved ones the opportunity to lay offerings and mementos at the base.

After several cleansing ceremonies, and paying respect to the deceased, the Bali initiated the “Kuta Karnival — A Celebration of Life”. The annual event was staged to show the determination of the Balinese people to move on from the tragedies as well as to encourage embracing life. The Karnival consists of art performances like the traditional Balinese Sunset Dances, sports and water sports, as well as culinary delicacies spread out over the 1 kilometre of beautiful beach.

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Disneyland in Hong Kong -What Dreams Are Made Of

Whether you’re 16 or 60, Disney cartoons are something that you will always cherish. Singing your heart out to Hakuna Matata, dancing without a care to The Bare Necessities of Life and dressing up like a Disney Princess are some things that we have all enjoyed doing during our childhood. So, you will agree that a visit to Disneyland is an absolutely amazing experience that one should do at least once in a lifetime. Take the Hong Kong Disneyland for example, a visit to this awesome theme park are literally what dreams are made of!

Situated in Penny’s Bay in Lantau Island, the Hong Kong Disneyland is the 11th theme park in the world. Since the day it was declared opened in 2005, the park has been attracting millions of tourists and many luxury and affordable hotels in Hong Kong like those by Travelodge Hotels Asia; promote the attraction by arranging tours. The result is that on average daily capacity, the park sees close to 34,000 visitors!

Open from 10:00 am to 08:00 pm, the park charges an entrance fee of 399RMB for adults, 285RMB for kids. The special ‘Family Ticket’ costs 1083RMB and can accommodate 2 adults & 1 child.

There are many attractions and rides to see and try within Disneyland in Hong Kong. Some of them are the Jungle River Cruise, the Liki Tikis water rides, the Cinderella Carousel, Fantasy Gardens, the Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Mystic Manor to name a few. In addition these rides, the Disneyland also has a wide array of shopping, recreational and restaurant facilities.

When you visit Disneyland Hong Kong, one of the top things to do in addition to the rides would be to take some snaps with your favourite childhood heroes the likes of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and of course all the beautiful Disney Princesses!

Disneyland in Hong Kong

Disneyland in Hong Kong, Img. Courtesy:[Thomas Kelley via]

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A guide to travel in Sigiriya – Fortress in the sky

sigiriya rock fortress

                            Sigiriya Rock as seen within Water Garden Sigiriya Resort premises

Travel to the land like no other and you’ll take a lifetime of memories and perfect moments back with you. Sigiriya, the ancient rock fortress is a story that enthrals its reader and sets them on a journey through the ragged edges of the giant rock located in the middle of Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle. Sigiriya is the island’s most magnificent and remarkable natural landmarks. Before travelling to Sigiriya, ensure that your accommodation is booked beforehand. As there are many boutique hotels in Sri Lanka to choose to stay in, there are only a few that will give you the true Sri Lankan experience such as Water Garden Sigiriya, while also keeping you in close proximity to the rock fortress.

Within the grounds of this rock fortress, there are a couple of places you shouldn’t miss out on, such as the Water Gardens, the Frescoes and most of all, the breath-taking summit.

The Water Gardens are well preserved since ancient times and stands as a true test of time. Carefully decorating the pathways that lead up to the rock, one will pass through many cement ponds, water channels and fountains, which have been used during the reign of the king that built the fortress as a his home; King Kasyapa.

As you begin climbing through the stone steps carved against the rock, you’ll find yourself at the famous frescoes of Sigiriya. Believed to either be the concubines of King Kasyapa or the paintings of celestial nymphs, the 21 bare chested damsels of Sigiriya are world renowned. The murals were believed to have been painted using old and traditional painting methods, and can still be seen today. It’s a work of wonder that will leave the world’s greatest artists in wonder.

The main palace of King Kasyapa was built at the summit of the rock, and although there aren’t much remains of the fortress, the view of the surrounding lands is sheer magnificence and brilliance. Take a couple of moments as you convince yourself that this is what paradise looks like. That this is probably what heaven looks like!

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