Ayala Triangle Gardens Makati – A Tranquil Refuge!

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Located amidst towering skyscrapers and office buildings, the Ayala Triangle Gardens offers redemption from the fast-paced Makati life. Read on to know more about this serene and peaceful park located in the middle of the city.


The Ayala Triangle Gardens is an urban park in Makati that spans across 2 hectares. The park is triangular and it is located at the heart of the bustling Makati Central Business District. The park was inspired by the Hyde Park in London and it is one of the most distinctive city parks in the world.

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The park today, was once part of a Manila’s pre-World War II airport. The airport after being decommissioned in 1948, the runways were converted into roads, which are now the boundaries of the park. The park was beautified later with the addition of trees and ornate plants that gives a serene outlook to the park.

The Plants and Attractions of the park

Ayala Triangle Gardens is home to over a hundred trees and houses a number of flowering plants. Apart from plants, the park also has a collection of exquisite works of art that are created by Filipino artists Ovvian Castrillo-Hill and Ral Arrogante.

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Getting there

Getting here is easy by a taxi from almost all the parts of the city of Makati. You also get here by bus or if you are staying at one of the serviced apartments in Makati the likes of Ascott Makati; it is just across the lane.

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