Batticaloa Fort – The Lesser Known of Sri Lankan Forts!

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If you are travelling in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka you will surely have to make a visit to the iconic Batticaloa Fort. You will find information about this site below.

Image credit-Anton CroosBatticaloa Portuguese (dutch) fortCC BY-SA 4.0

How to reach the fort

You will be able to visit the fort with great ease as you stay at centrally located hotels in Pasikuda. You will most likely be able to have a tour arranged to the site if you stay at a leading hotel like Uga Bay.


The Batticaloa Fort which is locally known as Madakalapuwa Balakotuwa is a charming attraction which silently and profoundly speaks volumes of the colonial era of the country. The fort was built by the Portuguese back in the year 1628 when they were ruling in the region. After the Dutch invasion, the fort was controlled by the Dutch. From the year 1745, it was controlled by the British, who captured the island.

Structure of the fort

The fort has a strong structure of four bastions. The fort is wonderfully protected on two sides by the Batticaloa Lagoon. A canal protects it on the other two sides. Several buildings and government offices can still be found within the territories of the fort. To this day it stands tall and proud, unfazed and unaffected by the winds of time.

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