Beaches in Pasikudah – Dip your toes in paradise!

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A palm-fringed beach next to turquoise waters, Pasikuda beach is a serene escape for anyone looking to dip their toes and relax! Want to find out more about the beaches in Pasikuda?

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Pasikuda Beach was long left out of Sri Lanka’s tourism spotlight due to the island’s civil conflict and the 2004 tsunami. But the government has now taken steps to invest in the region. Also, fun fact; Pasikuda translated would mean Green-Algae Bay!


There’s an array of things to do while in Pasikuda Beach with something that suits everyone! Pick from surfing, swimming, kite surfing, canoeing, boogie boarding and well, just frolicking in the beautiful waters if that’s what you like.


Pasikuda Beach is famed for its shallow reef. People can walk for even kilometres into the aquamarine ocean and only have water up to their shins! The waves and current are comparatively weak with the rest of Sri Lanka’s iconic beaches so it’s the perfect place to just absolutely relax.


Hotels in Passikudah cater to everyone depending on budget and other factors in what you want. The pristine beach is scattered with resorts of all kinds, depending on what you’re looking for, like Amethyst Resort Pasikudah for example.

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