Beaches in the Maldives – A snippet of paradise at every glance

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Two of Maldives beaches, Fulhadhoo Beach and Dhigurah Island were named among the 50 best beaches by FlightNetwork. Not surprising, considering the clear waters and surrounding greenery giving tourists a sense of paradise. Here are a few reasons to visit the beaches in the Maldives!

Sunset In Maldives
Sunset In Maldives | Image Credit : nicoboxethai, Maldives sunset, CC BY 2.0

A sense of relaxation

Surrounding every one of the Maldives Island Resorts, you find the stunningly blue sea. The best way to rid yourself of stress and negative energy is to let yourself enjoy the beauty. The sound of the crashing waves and slight breeze only intensify the feelings of relaxation.

The sunsets and sunrises

If you enjoy looking at the sun rise and fall, then you will not be disappointed. The sunsets you’ll witness in the Maldives together with the picturesque beauty is truly one to remember. The powdery sandy beaches, the subtle touch of greenery, turquoise waters and golden light reflecting off the water make this sight truly worth it.

The never-ending luxury

If you feel like a holiday is long overdue, then you’re in luck! The Maldives is home to not only gorgeous beaches, but also plenty of luxury resorts, the likes of Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives. The luxury and treatment you find here is unmatched, so while you take in the surrounding beauty, you’re also treated like royalty!

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