Beeralu: The Art of Lace Making – Preserving an Age-Old Craft


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The art of weaving beeralu lace is a treasured handicraft which originated in the southern coastal line of Sri Lanka during colonial times. Read on to find out more about this fast disappearing skill.

Beeralu Lace |Image Credit: By Samuel L. Goldenberg (Lace: Its Origin and History.) [Public domain], <a href="">via Wikimedia Commons</a>
Beeralu Lace |Image Credit: By Samuel L. Goldenberg (Lace: Its Origin and History.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Especially popular in the Magalle and Weligma areas in the south, the craft is said to have its origins during the time period the island was under the Portuguese. Another popular belief is that the British women living in the south taught the art to native women as a way to earn an income.

The Process

The exquisite lace takes a lot of effort and time to create. The pattern is first drawn on a graph paper, then marked with pins after its wrapped around a lace pillow. Following which thread is wound around wooden bobbins. Following this, the threads are woven or braided around the pins to create the length of lace.

Where to Purchase

If you are interested in purchasing the lace or any items made out of it such as handbags, table cloths, bedding and more you can visit places such as Thilini Lace which is located close to hotels in Galle such Tamarind Hill.

Where to See it

Checking out the lace makers who weave the traditional lace is among the more popular things to do in Galle. One can ask for recommendations for either independent artisans or pay a visit to places such as Sipnara Handicrafts centre to learn more about the art.

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