Best Chinese Restaurants in London – Prepare your taste buds!

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London is home to a fiery Chinese culinary culture! Dishes from Beijing, Cantonese staples and Sichuan icons all make their way to London to provide you with a delectable dining experience unlike no other! Interested in learning more about the best Chinese restaurant in London?

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1). Little Lamb

Where better to have hotpot that will warm your stomach and your soul! Choose your level of spice for the broth and be warned, it can get hot really quick! Select your raw ingredients from rice cakes, mushrooms, shrimp, pork, cheese balls to tofu and everything in between and cook away!

2). Din Tai Fung

An iconic restaurant that is known globally for its scrumptious dumplings! Presented in delicate bamboo containers, pick from a wide variety of dishes that seem to never stop showing up at your table!

3). The Sichuan

More of a traditional spot but still serving food that packs a punch! In fact, the chef’s personal special dish is ranked on the Scoville scale! Take a friend or maybe five, as the portions may surprise you!

4). Gold Mine

A favourite amongst the local students who probably get attracted by all the delicious meat hanging by the front window. Check out the roast duck and BBQ pork! When looking for dining in central London, as mentioned there are a plethora of options like Dorsett City London Hotel for instance.

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