Best Surf Beaches in Phuket – Let the currents guide your heart!

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Phuket is a mountainous and a reforested island located in the Andaman Sea. The island is home to a myriad of pristine white sand beaches, resorts and many other tourist attractions. The paradise island of Phuket is also home to a sea that offers some of the best swells that are ideal for both amateur and well seasoned surfers.


Kalim beach

The Kalim beach is certainly one of the best surf beached in Phuket. The beach offers surfers opportunities to ride swells to a stretch extending up to 100 metres and waves reaching up to three metres in height. Even though the beach sounds exciting, surfers should be little cautious as the beach and the shores are pretty rocky. The beach also hosts surfing contests annually in which anyone with a surf board can participate.

Kamala beach

Located in the west part of the island, Kamala beach is divided in to three parts and each area offers waves that are for different kinds of surfers. The southern part; is ideal for amateur surfers as the swells here are gentle and can be surfed when over 3 feet and the central and the north end of the beach are for surfers of more defined surfing skills.

Nai Harn Beach

This too being a stunning beach offers surfers, beach and reef breaks that can reach up to 2 metres tall. The winds here are variable but the swells are surfable at all tides. This too is a beach with gentle waves and is ideal for beginners and surfers who are looking to polish their surfing skills.

Kata Beach

Located close to some of the best Phuket luxury villas in Thailand and resorts like Kata Rocks, the Kata beach is considered as the Mecca for Surfing in the island of Phuket. The beach offers big swells that can reach up to a whopping 4 meters tall. Due to its popularity the beach can be crowded at times and if you love surfing this is one of the beaches you should not miss to visit during your time in Phuket.

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