Best things to do in Solo City, Indonesia – An Amazing Destination!

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The Solo City also known as Surakarta is the historic royal capital on the Indonesian island of Java. The city being a popular tourist destination offers a lot to see and do. Read on to know about 4 exciting things you could do here.

Visit a market

The city is scattered with a number of markets and visiting one of them will certainly be a memorable experience. You could buy souvenirs, buy traditional dresses and enjoy amazing street food during your visit.

File:Roti Orion Surakarta.JPG
MidoriRoti Orion SurakartaCC BY 3.0

Visit the Temples and the palace

The city of Solo is home to a number of Hindu and Buddhist temples and visiting them is the best ways to experience the amazing cultural heritage of Indonesia. Cetho Temple is one of the most significant out of the lot and it boasts beautiful architecture and located in the midst of a scenic setting.

File:Lower part of Cetho Temple, 2016-10-13.jpg
Crisco 1492Lower part of Cetho Temple, 2016-10-13CC BY-SA 4.0

Unwind and relax

There is a number of resort properties located within and close to the city and Alila Solo is one of the options worth considering since this hotel in Solo offers a tranquil ambience and exclusive abodes that are ideal for you to unwind and relax.

Image Credit: Alila Solo

Take a city tour

There is a lot to see in the city; the buildings, the people and more. It will be a unique experience to interact with the city. You can do it best by joining a tour. Get in touch with a local tour company to join for a city tour. Some of the tours have fancy Double Decker buses which will take you on a journey around the city with stops at popular attractions.

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