Best traditional dishes of London – Taste bud tingling indeed!


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The city of London as is any main city consists of multi-cultural residents with a mix of from the east and the west! This is what makes the choice of cuisine in the big city quite interesting. Let’s look at some of the best dishes to try when in London.

Fish & Chips

This is a simple but much-loved dish especially in the western part of the world. The fish (usually cod and sometimes paddock or plaice) is deep-fried and served with French fries and maybe peas and onion rings as a side. When it comes to dining in central London, this dish can also be found at hotels like Dorsett City London Hotel.

Pie & Mash

In the early days, the pie was filled with eel, however, modern taste-buds seem to prefer beef. Nevertheless, there are a few places that serve the traditional dish either stewed or jellied with a gravy which appears to be green.

English Breakfast

The traditional English breakfast is no stranger to the world! It is indeed a breakfast fit for a king with bacon, eggs, fried bread, black pudding, baked beans and mushrooms.

Bread & Butter Pudding

This is yet another favourite among many. To whip up this dish, bread and cream are mixed with dried currants and baked.

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