Bodhinagala Forest Hermitage – Slip into a Sense of Absolute Relaxation

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A serene and tranquil place located in the midst of the lush wilderness – Visit the Bodhinagala Forest Hermitage to find inner peace and to connect with your soul.


Located in the low-lying hill country region of Sri Lanka, Bodhigala is a region full of surprises. The region is composed of a rainforest reserve and is home to a number of historically significant monuments and attractions that will certainly amaze you. One such attraction is the Bodhinagala Forest Hermitage.

Where is it

Nestled in the banks of the sacred Kaluganga the hermitage in Dombagaskanda is located under a beautiful forest canopy. Located in the interior regions of the Kalutara district the forest shields the hermitage form the miseries of city life and modernization.

What can you do

In order to reach the hermitage, you have to gear up for a moderately long hike which is certainly amazing. You get to see small mammals, a plethora of birds during your hike and upon reaching the hermitage you could meditate or appreciate the tranquil ambience by spending a little while sitting, admiring the nature.

Getting there

Located at close proximity to many Kalutara resort properties the likes of AVANI Kalutara Resort reaching here is easy. All you have to do is to reach out to the front desk of your resort or get in touch with a local tour guide to visit the hermitage.

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