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Boduberu – Dancing to Traditional Tunes

Boduberu is a type of folk music played in the Maldives. The rhythm of boduberu is somewhat similar to the music played in certain parts of Africa. Introduced to Maldives by the sailors travelling on the Indian Ocean, this type of music made its first appearance in the country during the 11 century A.D.

Boduberu music made a strong impact on the citizens after its introduction and easily evolved around the island as the ‘music of the common people’. Today it is closely linked with the Maldivian culture and is performed at entertainment shows, festivals and events on the islands.

Generally boduberu is performed in a group consisting of 15 to 20 musicians including a lead singer and drummers. The boduberu performers’ signature style is a white short sleeved shirt and sarong. The performers usually have three main instruments in the group, the boduberu drums, a small bell and an ongandu which is a small piece of bamboo with grooves that creates a hoarse sound when played. What is most interesting about this music is the loud noise created and the lyrics in the songs. Beginning at a slow pace the music progresses towards a wild beat and ends in an entertaining tribal dance performance. This music is usually performed by only males of different age groups and almost everyone in the group carries a drum during the performance.

This form of performance is one of the best entertainment acts you can enjoy in Maldives. In most instances bystanders join in for some dancing since the rhythm is so catchy. There are boduberu competitions organized as well in Maldives since the younger generation also takes an interest in performing this music.

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