Brief Garden – A stroll with nature

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The residence and gardens of a renowned persona of Sri Lanka, Brief Gardens is worth every minute. Here’s everything you need to know!

Gardens | Image Credit : nuzree via Pixabay

A little bit of history

Brief Garden is known as one of Sri Lanka’s ‘best-kept secrets’. The residence and garden of a renowned landscape designer by the name of Bevis William Frederick Bawa, Brief Garden has risen to fame in recent years. At the age of 20, in the year 1929 was when Bawa took over the management of the family rubber plantation, which he later converted entirely into his residence with the garden. After 40 years, the garden was finally completed in 1970.

Current state

The gardens have been carefully preserved, taking every visitor on an unforgettable journey from the moment they enter. Brief Gardens is now under the guardianship of Dooland Silva, a trusted friend of Bevis Bawa. 30-minutes from Saman Villas, one of the many well-known boutique hotels in Sri Lanka, the gardens span 20 acres surrounded by wilderness. Although not an easy place to find, the hunt for it is worth it. There’s an admission fee depending on whether you want to see the garden only or the house as well.

The gardens

You don’t necessarily have to be someone that’s a lover of nature to visit the gardens. If you have time to visit the residence, it’s full of art, sculptures, and artefacts, giving you an insight into this interesting individual’s life. Exotic and beautiful, the gardens boast various types of plants and trees and it’s evident that the owners have let nature run its course, whilst still retaining the important elements that make up the gardens.

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