Brief Gardens – Bevis Bawa, Beruwala – A Tropical Garden Reinvented!


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Wild and magical, set in the backdrop of verdant tropical greenery, the Brief Gardens by Bevis Bawa is an acute reflection of its creator’s unruly temperament and hedonistic approach to life.



Bevis Bawa started his garden, a former rubber plantation in the year 1929. Intimate and wild, his design follows winding pathways flanked by dense tropical foliage. Seemingly unexpected passageways open up to breath-taking vistas featuring a pond or an artfully placed sculpture. Upon wandering through the garden, one gets a distinct impression that Bawa has cunningly managed to tame the jungles to suit his purposes.

How to Get There

The sprawling garden is located in Kalawila Village in Beruwala. It can be easily reached from boutique hotels in Sri Lanka located in the vicinity including the likes of Saman Villas via a private vehicle.

Things to See

Apart from taking in the enchanting space which has captured and confined within its folds, vernal splendour, visitors can take a look inside Bevis Bawa’s modest home which houses an eclectic collection of art especially a mural depicting Sri Lankan life in the style of Marc Chagall.

Useful Information

The estate is open to the public from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. The entrance fee is LKR.300 if one is planning to take in only the garden, and LKR 1000 if one wishes to visit the main house as well. Do take plenty of water as it can get quite humid along with some insect repellent spray to keep the bugs away!

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