Bungy Jump at Macau Tower – The Macau Tower – The utopia for adventure travellers

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Overcome your fears; shout out to the world that you aren’t afraid. Take a leap from the Highest Commercial Bungy Jump in the world – 233m. Feel the adrenaline getting pumped into your bloodstream and experience the rush and the excitement at the Macau Tower.

The Macau Tower

Image Credit-Chris from Falmouth, UK, Macau TowerCC BY-SA 2.0

Inspired by the Sky tower in Aukland, Newzealand, Macau tower was built and was officially opened on December 19th of 2001. The tower is undoubtedly one of the tallest superstructures in China measuring 338 meters. The megastructure is home to an observation deck, a theatre and a number of restaurants, shopping malls, and many other attractions.

The Main attraction

The tower features a plethora of adventure activities and the star of all adventures is the Bungy jump. This daring yet thrilling activity was first performed on December 17, 2006. With a record-breaking event of worlds The Highest Bungee Jump from a Building. The tower now holds the record for The World’s Highest Bungee Jump Facility

More things to do

Apart from the Bungy Jump, the tower features many more thrilling activities that will bring you chills down your spine. The activities include sky jump which simulates a real jump from the 233-meter tall building you’ll reach the bottom of the building in 17 seconds that is awesome! You also get to walk on the ledge and around the outer perimeter that encircles the tower which will be an experience worth trying.

Your safety is their priority

With all these activities your biggest concern will be about safety and that is perfectly normal when you jump from a 233m tall building. At Macau tower, the company that offers you these experiences are experts in the field of adventure sports and they use state of the art technology and equipment to ensure safety and they also practice failsafe measure in order to provide you the best experience.

Visiting There

Visiting here is not much of a big deal but if you are visiting here to engage in an adventure activity, it is necessary for you to make reservations prior to your arrival, The tower is surrounded by many exclusive hotels and if you are looking for a Macau Luxury Hotel, your best bet is the Hotel Okura Macau

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