Business culture in Oman – Tackling the world of business in Oman

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Oman was ranked 71st out of 190 countries in the World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing Business’ rankings for the year 2018. Hence, Oman is seen as a relatively easy place in which one can do and engage in business. Listed below are a few facts in relation to business in Oman.

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Business culture and relationships

Although Oman is comparatively more liberal than it’s neighbouring countries, it remains an Islamic country, therefore understanding this is of utmost importance. You must remain sensitive and respectful on these religious beliefs when you meet business associates at any hotel in Oman. Expats must remain patient and calm as it takes time to build trust and a business relationship as a whole lot of time will be devoted to getting to know one another. Long term business relationships are worth the time and energy.

Communication and hierarchy

Decisions are made at the top level and instructions are then given to the staff to follow, as the management style in Oman is mainly hierarchical. Business communication in Oman is long and personal, and delivering what is promised is also extremely important.


Dressing conservatively and picking the right location that creates a lasting impression, such as Desert Nights Camp, is crucial. The meeting must be communicated to the relevant parties in English and Arabic, two days before the meeting is due to take place. Exchanging business cards, like everywhere else is also common in Oman.
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