Calido Beach Kalutara – Dip your toes in tranquillity!

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Sri Lanka is a picturesque island of countless beaches which have increasingly gained popularity in recent years. Kalutara remains a top pick amongst travellers due to its proximity to Colombo. What makes Kalutara a truly memorable place to visit is that it is home to Calido Beach. Interested in learning more about Calido Beach in Kalutara?

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1). The Beach Itself

Between the Kalu River and the ocean, there is a sandy stretch of land. The sand is darker than usual, the waters shallow with gentle waves. If you’re looking for luxury hotels in Sri Lanka while you frolic in the waves, there are several options like Blue Water Club Suites for example.

2). Culture by The Beach

An authentic locale, you can see tireless fishermen bringing in their catch of the day up to shore in the evening. The youth of the area will be also seen flying kites and engaging in a game of volleyball!

3). What Else to See

Kalutara isn’t limited to just Calido Beach! Visit the remnants of the Kalutara Fort, from the colonial period of Portuguese rule. The Kalutara Bridge is another breath-taking sight to see!

4). The Cuisine

Kalutara is the ideal place for a day trip as it’s only an hour away from Colombo so drive down to have some fresh seafood that is hours out of the sea! Shrimp, cuttlefish and other delicacies await!

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