Calido Beach Kalutara Sri Lanka – The sunnier side of life


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Calido beach is in the district of Kalutara, located roughly half an hour away from the city of Colombo. Calido beach was only recently discovered, therefore is relatively untouched and is a piece of paradise.


The blue waters

This fascinating strip of beach lies in between the bay of Kalu river and the sea. The clear blue waters of Calido beach can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and sizes as the waters are shallow and the waves gentle.

Untouched and unspoiled

Calido beach was discovered only during the recent years, thus, is relatively unspoiled. The term ‘Calido’ is Spanish for ‘warm’. While you’re out and about beach hopping in the West coast of Sri Lanka, make sure you visit Calido beach to bask in the warmth and dig your toes in the soft sand.

The warm sunsets

All the shades of orange and red painted on the sky as the soft breeze caresses your face is a sunset to die for. Calido beach is a quiet retreat for when you require that alone time, and if you want to stay at one of the many beach hotels in Sri Lanka, then the best option close to Calido beach is Mermaid Hotel & Club as it’s only a 10-minute drive.

Other known spots close by

Once you’ve basked in the glory of Calido beach, the remnants of Kalutara fort and the Kalutara Bodhiya, an ancient tree that stood tall over the centuries, are two areas of interest you might want to check out and explore!

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