Captivating Things to do in Nantong – A Harbour City You Shouldn’t Miss Exploring!

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Nantong, also known as the “Gold Coast”, has a history of more than 1,000 years and is today a highly commercialised city with many places to visit. Here are some key sites for you to explore on your trip to Nantong.

Tianning Temple
Tianning Temple | Image Credit : Chris Gyford at en.wikipedia, Tianning Temple, CC BY-SA 3.0

Harmony City Shopping Mall

The Harmony City Shopping Mall is loved by all visitors because of the wide range of popular international brands it offers, all under one roof. Those planning for some retail therapy here will find this mall walking distance away from Ascott Harmony City Nantong.

Jiu Qu Hua Street

Jiu Qu Hua Street is a special cultural and commercial destination loved by travellers. When looking for Nantong accommodation, consider finding a place to stay within easy reach of this well-known street; the closer you are, the easier it will be to explore it fully.

Haohe Scenic Area

The historic Haohe Scenic Area is especially beautiful at nights when it is lit up. Travellers usually take a cruise along this river to witness the area’s rich culture and scenic environs. Tianning Temple, Arctic Temple and the Nantong Museum are some of the picturesque places you will come across on your journey along the water.

Shuihui Garden

From Nantong City, it will only take around an hour to travel to Shuihui Garden; this ancient garden is truly elegant and scenic and features water flowing around it. This is a truly enchanting garden and is a popular place to visit for couples.

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