Three Kings Chapel Goa – The Legendary Haunted Church of Goa

  Goa is the beach-capital of the India, and one of the nation’s most renowned tourist attractions. The coastal region is known for its raves, festivals, incredible seafood and for being an all-round vacation hotspot. There are countless resorts in Goa to choose from if you’re embarking on a trip, such as Alila Diwa Goa….

Jawahar Toy Museum – A Land Of Dolls

Dolls galore! In sequined skirts and pots above their heads, the dolls at the Jawahar Toy Museum are easy on the eyes. A considerably large collection of dolls from many regions of India are found in this museum located in Pondicherry. Pondicherry was once a French colony and today is a part of the South-eastern…