Seteais Palace – Neoclassical Palace

This neoclassical palace built in the 18th century by Daniel Gildemeester maybe Portugal’s best-kept secret. Origin of its name According to legend, the name of the palace, Seteais mean seven sighs was inspired by the romance between a Moorish princess and a Portuguese noble. History Located 30 minutes away, Seteais Palace was built between 1783…

Kanneliya – A Pristine Example of Sri Lanka’s Biodiversity

The lush tropical island of Sri Lanka is famous for her natural wonders, and there’s no short supply of them. One of the most beautiful of such places is the Kanneliya rainforest in nation’s south. Background Excluding Sinharaja, this is the last of the large rainforests that remain on the island of Sri Lanka. It…

Must-See Sights In Paris – The Iconic Stars Of The City

No trip to Paris is complete without visiting these iconic attractions in the city. If it your first time to the City of Light, then don’t miss out on these places. Eiffel Tower Did you even visit Paris if you don’t go to the Eiffel Tower?! This iconic man-made structure was opened in 1889 and…

Galle Fort – A remnant of a rich colonial heritage.

Galle is a magnificent beach city in the south coast of Sri Lanka. The Galle Fort which is the key attraction of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the biggest tourist attractions of the country. Location The Galle Fort is located in the heart of the city alongside the beach….

Sinharaja Forest – Enter the Realm of the Lion

Natural attractions are in no short supply in Sri Lanka for this tiny island nation has got quite a lot packed in. Visit Sinharaja, a breathtaking rainforest that translates to “The Lion Kingdom” in the local tongue. Where? The rainforest is nestled within the Southern Province about 3 hours away from the commercial capital, Colombo….