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Chaandanee Magu – A Souvenir Paradise

The breathtaking island of Maldives makes a perfect holiday destination for relaxation, entertainment and plenty of exploration. Purchasing some souvenirs traditional to the islands is an ideal way to keep your perfect holiday etched in your memory. Drop into the Chaandanee Maagu and be delighted by the range of unique and interesting souvenirs lined up for you at very affordable prices making the most perfect keepsakes of your time spent in the Maldives.

Most of the products in the Chaandanee Magu are imported from Singapore itself and gives the market the popular name ‘Singapore Bazaar’. Three main items have become favourites on the shelves of the market, the first one being a miniature model of a Dhoni which is the main and most interesting sea transport method and sails to and fro the many islands of the Maldives. Symbolic to the nation, this miniature wooden boat makes a cute little souvenir that is sure to fit perfectly in your luggage.

The second item that may catch your fancy is the Thuda Kuna, a traditional mat that is made from indigenous fibres and other materials. These mats display beautiful geometric and abstract designs and are hand woven by local village women giving them an authentic feel that is fascinating to any tourist. The other popular souvenir item is the traditional lacquer wooden boxes. Popular among locals, these boxes are made in Thulhaadhoo in the Baa atoll and are sometimes decorated with sea shells – another favourite ingredient in craft making in the islands.

The Chaandane Magu can be easily located in Male and is the most popular place for souvenirs in the city. Other interesting shopping destination in the islands is the Majeedhee Magu and the local market each displaying a unique array of favourite items. The malls are usually open till 11:00 pm with small 15 minute prayer breaks couple of times during the day. A day spent busy with shopping only calls for a relaxing night at a Maldives Island resort. If you are looking for a soothing ambience in particular, try the Anantara Veli Maldives. With scenic surroundings and smooth luxury this makes the finest of Maldives boutique resorts.

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