Chao Phraya River – Thailand’s Lifeblood!

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An ancient river that has made civilizations flourish and has seen empires rise and fall – Chao Phraya River is the most historically significant river in Thailand. Read on to know more.


Also known by the names Mae Nam Chao Phraya and Maenam, Chao Phraya is the principal river in Thai Land. Originating from the central regions of the country, it flows through an extent of approximately 365 Kilometres till it reaches the sea at the Gulf of Thailand.

File:Chao Phraya River1 Photo D Ramey Logan.jpg
Photograph by D Ramey Logan, Chao Phraya River1 Photo D Ramey LoganCC BY-SA 3.0

The River system and its characters

The river as mentioned above, originates from the hilly regions of the country. Fed by branches of small tributaries and the main river begins at Ping-Nan confluence. On the way to the sea the river nourishes a plethora of cultivation fields and supports a number of irrigation projects.


Lowland areas of the regions surrounding the river has fresh water swamp forests the river basin is a home to a variety of plants and over 280 species of fish. There are also a number of other creatures such as crustaceans and reptiles rely on the river for survival.

Attractions in and around the river

Number of villages, historic sites and many metropolises are located in the banks of the river. There also a number of accommodation options located close to the river with exquisite views. You could also get aboard a Chao Phraya River Cruise Bangkok with cruise providers the likes of Manohra Cruises for a memorable vacation experience. Many parks have also been built in the banks of the river where you can sit and enjoy your evenings taking in the stunning views of the fabled river.

File:Wat Arun from Chao Phraya River.jpg
DiliffWat Arun from Chao Phraya RiverCC BY-SA 3.0

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